When a Family’s Children have grown up and moved away, the life of the remaining Couple is ready for a change in arrangement.

The Couple’s time and resources become more their own; The Objects with which they formerly surrounded themselves hold more Memories than utility; and it is possible to conceive of the challenges which approach in Later Life.

The Home they made may not readily house a full vibrant life of Shrinking Mobility.
At this Stage of Life, resources exist to establish a New Home which will sustain the Family through Old Age and beyond.

A Home with all Needed Functions for the Couple on One Level, but a Total Size including Other Levels which will comfortably support a Family with Children (in its next use); An Exterior which is easily Accessible, which can be brought Indoors to Those who cannot go Outdoors; A Divisible Arrangement: one home, two separate apartments, or an apartment connected to a support apartment.

An Entrance is needed which is protected from the Elements, accessible to the Ground, with Ample Size to easily maneuver an Automobile, Enter and Exit the Car (first the Couple’s Own Car, then the Vehicles which will transport them),
Features are needed which are ample enough and arranged to be easily used with limited mobility.

A Place is needed which is Out of the Way to put all the Objects with Their Memories which are not wanted at the Time, while they find their Place in the Heart of the Next Generation. Call this Grandma’s Attic.

Front Elevation
Left Side Elevation
Rear Elevation
Right Side Elevation
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Basement Plan
Main Floor Plan
Attic Plan