Not Everyone wants to tie himself to ownership of part of the face of the Earth in order to dwell.

Some need a place to remain for a night. Some seek a place to begin a new life in a place. Others want a stable place to reside without the burden of ownership. All these find a home in a residential hotel.

The residential hotel holds a position in a town; a building of separate compartments; compartments to be joined as apartments, to accommodate a visitor, a single resident, a household, for a night, a month, a year, or a lifetime, furnished or not.

The building and its staff are the stewards of this land in the town. The residents come and go. The protected lobby welcomes all who come to stay in the hotel. Guests occupy one floor and residents another. Each of the floors provides separate facilities.

The basic apartment unit is a living space, a kitchen and a bath. Each bedroom unit is a large bedroom, a bath, and a closet. Each basic apartment is adjacent to two of the bedroom units. An apartment can be compiled as a studio, one bedroom or two bedroom apartment. A private outdoor space and a  garage / storage space can be added independently to each apartment.

Unattached bedroom units are available as single room occupancy, for a short term (inn) , medium or long term (boarding house).

A person could take a room in the hotel to establish himself in town. He could decide to settle in the town and establish a household in an apartment within the hotel. Spaces could be added to the apartment until it reaches 2 bedrooms / 3 baths, an outdoor terrace, and a private garage. Guests to the apartment could be accommodated in other bedroom units within the hotel.

Spaces could be let go as they are no longer useful to the household, until they reach the single room occupancy again.

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Ground Floor
Garages and Lobbies
Floor 1
Bedroom / Hotel Level (Single Rooms)
Floor 2
Apartment Level (Core Studio Apartment)
Roof Level
Apartment Terraces
Roof: Terrace
and Apartment Storage
Floor 2: Living / Dining / Kitchen
and Full Bath
Floor 1: Bedrooms with Full Bath
Typical Unit
Bedrooms can be added to
Studio Apartment to form
0, 1, or 2 bedroom units.
Un-rented bedrooms become either short or long-term
single room occupancy rentals.
View of Entrance
Isometric View of Residential Side of Residential Hotel